Totally Unfair: This High Schooler Was Only Cast As The Lead In Wicked Because Shes Still Stuck In The Harness From Her Performance In Peter Pan

You may wish to take a seat prior to reading this, due to the fact that this is one story that’ s sure to make your blood boil: The theater department at Alton B. Parker High School simply launched the cast list for its spring production of Wicked, and it ends up junior Laura Coleman was cast as the lead even if she’ s still stuck in the harness from her efficiency in Peter Pan.

Yeah. You check out that. This is incredibly unjustified.

Seriously, this is absolutely unreasonable. Even if Laura hasn’ t had the ability to complimentary herself from her harness after something went badly incorrect when the phase team raised her into the air throughout the ending of Peter Pan prior to winter season break does not indicate she needs to have immediately gotten to play the starring function of Elphaba in Wicked this term. It shouldn’ t matter how hassle-free it is to simply leave her in the harness to represent a 2nd flying character. This play must have cast square and reasonable with auditions that offered level playing fields to all trainees whether they’ ve been stuck swinging from the phase rafters for the previous 3 months.

Yes, it’ s real that Elphaba is a character in Wicked who flies, and given that not even the jaws of life might release Laura from the harness she’ s been caught in considering that early November, it fixes a great deal of issues to simply provide her the function, however there are a great deal of other skilled trainees who would have done a terrific task as Elphaba, too! There’ s no lack of terrific vocalists at Alton B. Parker High who can belt out a lovely performance of “ Defying Gravity, ” however even if they sanctuary’ t been hanging from the ceiling like a human pi ñ ata day in and day out like Laura, those gifted trainees weren’ t even thought about for the function.

Maybe a various trainee might have been cast as Elphaba and Laura’ s existence up there in the rafters might have been described by casting her as a cloud or a bird or something. That would have been way more fair for everybody. Rather, Laura gets back at more unique treatment on top of currently having the janitor spoon-feed her supper every night and getting to be on the front page of the school paper once the fire department quit on aiming to release her from the harness and it was clear she’d be hanging above the phase for the foreseeable future.

Yep, this is totally unjust in every sense of the word. Due to the fact that no one can get her out of that harness, Laura needs to not have actually immediately gotten to star in this play simply. This is an overall oppression for all the trainees who desired a shot to sing “ Defying Gravity ” based upon their own skill and commitment, despite the fact that they put on’ t occur to have Laura’ s good luck to be hovering above the phase in a harness that no one can release her from. The professors must be totally embarrassed of themselves.


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