The One Thing All Christians Should Stop Saying

By Scott Dannemiller

I was on the phone with a buddy a few days ago. After covering essential subjects, like disparaging each other’ s moms and retelling semi-factual tales from our college days, our discussion relied on the ordinary.

“ So, how ’ s work going? ” he asked.


For those of you whowear ’ t understand, I earn money by teaching management abilities and assisting individuals learn how to get along in business America. My spouse states it’ s all a smart camouflage so I can get up in front of big groups and inform stories.

I plead the 5th.

I addressed my pal’ s question with,

“ Definitely feeling blessed. In 2015 was the very best year yet for my company. And it appears like this year will be simply as hectic.”


The words rolled off my tongue without a reservation. Like reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or putting my typical lunch order at McDonald’ s.



But it was a lie.


Now, prior to you begin using up a collection for the “ Feed the Dannemillers ” fund, enable me to describe. Based upon in 2015’ s mission to go twelve months without purchasing anything , you might feel that our household is surviving on Ramen noodles and totally free chips and salsa at the regional Mexican dining establishment. Not to fret, we are not in alarming straits.

Last year was the very best year yet for my organisation.

But that is not a true blessing.

I’ ve saw a pattern amongst Christians, myself consisted of, and it difficulties me. Our rote reaction to product windfalls is to call ourselves blessed. Like the “ amen ” at the end of a prayer.

“ This brand-new vehicle is such a true blessing. ”

“ Finally closed on your home. Feeling blessed.

“ Just returned from an objective journey. Understanding how blessed we are here in this nation.


On the surface area, the expression appears safe. Faithful even. Why wouldn’ t I wish to provide God the magnificence for whatever I have? Isn’ t that the ideal thing todo?



As I assessed my “ sensation blessed ” remark, 2 ideas entered your mind. I recognize I’ m splitting hairs here, producing an argument over semantics. Bear with me, since I think it is seriously crucial. It’ s among those things we can’ t see due to the fact that it ’ s so culturally engrained that it has actually ended up being typical.


But it needs to stop. Andhere ’ s why.


First, when I state that my product fortune is the outcome of God’ s true blessing, it minimizes The Almighty to some sort of sky-bound, wish-granting fairy who invests his days arbitrarily bestowing automobiles and money upon his fans. I can’ t assistance however draw parallels to how I gave out M&M ’ s to my own kids when they followed my instructions and decided to poop in the toilet instead of in their trousers. Sure, God desires us to continuously seek His will, and it’ s for our own excellent. Favorable support?

God is not a behavioral psychologist.

Second, and more notably, calling myself blessed due to the fact that of product good luck is simply plain incorrect. For beginners, it can be offending to the numerous countless Christians on the planet who reside on less than $1 daily. You check out that. Numerous millions who get a single-digit dollar “ true blessing ”daily.


During our year in Guatemala, Gabby and I experienced first-hand the damage done by the faith of success, where loyal individuals scraping by to feed their households were merely informed they need to not be loyal enough. God would pull them out of their problem if they were. Simply attempt more difficult, and God will reveal favor.

The issue? No place in bible are we assured worldly ease in return for our promise of faith. The most devout saints from the Bible generally passed away broke, getting a one-way ticket to jail or death by abuse.

I’ ll take door number 3, please.

If we’ re searching for the meaning of true blessing, Jesus spells it out plainly (Matthew 5: 1-12).

1 Now when he saw the crowds, he increased on a mountainside and took a seat. His disciples pertained to Him,

2 And He started to teach them, stating:

3 Blessed are the bad in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of paradise.

4 Blessed are those who grieve, for they will be comforted.

5 Blessed are the meek, for they will acquire the earth.

6 Blessed are those who appetite and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.

7 Blessed are the merciful, for they will be revealed grace.

8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.

10 Blessed are those who are maltreated since of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of paradise.

11 Blessed are you when individuals insult you, maltreat you and incorrectly state all sort of evil versus you since of me.

12 Rejoice and be delighted, since terrific is your benefit in paradise, for in the very same method they maltreated the prophets who were prior to you.

I have a slipping suspicion verses 12a 12b and 12c were left out from the text. That’ s where the disciples reacted by stating:

12a Waitest thou for one 2nd, Lord. Exactly what about “ blessed art thou comfy, ” or 12b “ blessed art thou which havest great tasks, a modest home in the residential areas, and an annual trip to the Florida Gulf Coast?

12c And Jesus stated unto them, “ Apologies, my bros, however those did not maketh the cut.


So there it is. Composed in red. Plain as day. Even still, we neglect it all when we pirate the word “ blessed ” to make it fit nicely into our contemporary American suitables, producing a cosmic lottery game where every genuine prayer purchases us another scratch-off ticket. While doing so, we stand the danger of pushing away those we are wanting to give the faith.

And we need to stop playing that video game.

The fact is, I have no concept why I was born where I was or why I have the chance I have. It’ s beyond understanding. I definitely wear’ t think God has actually picked me above others since of the accuracy of my prayers or the depth of my faith. Still, if I make the most of the chances set prior to me, a comfy life might come my method. It’ s not ensured. If it does occur, I wear’ t think Jesus will call me blessed.

He will call me “ strained.”

He will ask,


“ What will you finish with it?”


“ Will youutilize it on your own? ”


“ Will you utilizeit to assist? ”


“ Will you hold it close for convenience? ”


“ Will you share it? ”


So lots of difficult options. Couple of simple responses.


So my prayer today is that I comprehend my real blessing. It ’ s not my home. Or my task.Or my standard of life.



My true blessing is this. I understand a God who promises to the helpless. I understand a God who enjoys the unlovable. I understand a God who conveniences the affecting. And I understand a God who has actually planted this very same power within me. Within everyone.

And for this true blessing, might our action constantly be,

“ Use me.”


Since I had this discussion, my brand-new reaction is just, “ I ’ m grateful. ” Would enjoy to hear your ideas.

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