My 7 Best Aerial Photos Of The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Transylvania

Bram Stoker did a quite darn great task promoting Transylvania. I’ m sure you should have found out about Dracula! My post is not Dracula-related, I’ m still going to estimate him: “ Once once again … welcome to my home. Come easily. Go securely, and leave something of the joy you bring.”

I’ m a professional/multiple acclaimed drone professional photographer from Transylvania, Romania, to be more accurate from the “ Land of Mansions”.

Covasna county is a genuinely impressive location with enchanting landscapes. I had a quite tough job in mind however lastly made it occur. I wish to reveal you my preferred locations in a special method, photographed from above, integrating 2 seasons from the very same area.

Let my photos inform you my story!

… and I nearly forgot. I’ m likewise a premium artist on Zedge so you can utilize my images as your wallpaper!

# 1 Two Seasons, Two Hounds

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# 2 Fairy Forest

# 3 Seasons In A Box

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# 4 Wonder

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# 5 Ekg Of The Seasons

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# 6 The Hound

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# 7 “S” Easons

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