Laura Ingraham Takes Sudden Vacation After Losing 17 Sponsors For Attacking School Shooting Survivor!

Last week, Laura Ingraham assaulted Parkland shooting survivor and #NeverAgain motion leader David Hogg not for getting his truths or his argument incorrect however for

But Laura Ingraham isn’t really Matt Damon . She does not imply well and unintentionally state the incorrect thing. No, this is the lady who informed NBA stars with viewpoints about social programs to “stop talking and dribble.” Advertisement hominem attacks are simply standard procedure for Ingraham.

So nobody is cutting her any slack for stating “sorry” now. A minimum of not these 17 companies .

Is cancellation following??

On Friday night, Ingraham revealed she would be taking a weeklong Easter trip something she had not pointed out prior to. Fox News had her back, stating it was a pre-planned lack. Visitor hosts were reserved and whatever.

So, for the minute it appears the network is hoping this entire thing will blow over.

And why not? It worked for Sean Hannity after he propagated a conspiracy theory about a young murder victim and tossed his assistance behind implicated predator Roy Moore .

Do YOU believe Fox News will drop The Ingraham Angle!.?.!??

Oh, and if she does get canceled, perhaps she can get a task on Putin ‘s state TELEVISION. Russian bots have actually obviously been tweeting their assistance for Ingraham like insane. Amusing.

And at the very same time conservatives are calling David Hogg un-American for utilizing commercialism to strike her back. Guy, they have actually lost it

[Image by means of Fox News ]

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