Escape From Awkward Situations Over Winter Break With This Full-Body Scarf

Just when I believe I’ve seen it all, life comes cycle and surprises me again. I own a great deal of winter products, more than I in fact require, however I seem like absolutely nothing I have compares with Dukyana’s Giant Scarf. This massive winter season device covers your whole body like a tube, and it’s unbelievably amusing looking, however likewise sort of practical. Winter season is severe and cold, and who hasn’t wanted they could simply vanish into their headscarf ? Someplace in the range, I can hear Bruno Mars singing by a hot fireplace.

I went to college in Connecticut, and I think you have not lived up until you need to stroll throughout school in no degree weather condition (with a wind chill that brings it into the negatives). If you have not discovered the best coat to things yourself in daily, this chunky mohair “headscarf” appears like it’s up for the job. Truthfully, I have no idea whether to categorize it as a sweatshirt gown, or a truly long tube sock.

Personally, I’m relying on this scarf/blanket/tube sock as the perfect camouflage to mix into the sofa when my loved ones get here throughout the vacations. Everybody can connect to loved ones that remain a bit too long, or ask a million concerns about your non-existent love life.


DukyanaWhen their extended household comes into town, #feeee

I cannot be the only individual that desires to physically vanish. Previously this year, ran a phony commercial for the Turtle Shirt . Generally this garment enables you to vanish in uneasy scenarios, which are most likely to develop when you’re house for the vacations. This headscarf is basically the trendy variation of the Turtle Shirt.


I like my household, think me I’m all set to develop a home sigil for all of us. Love aside, when my extended family members pertain to town, I discover myself going through all the possible concerns that will get tossed my method. I’ve braved the before-college concerns, pre-job inquisitions and during-college queries. I really believed that when I got a task and began the long journey of paying of my trainee loan financial obligation, some other bad soul would be next.

That wishful thinking was a difficult #no. Like where do these concerns even originate from? Are they prepped? Often addressing quick fire concerns from your household, can be more demanding than a task interview. I cannot be the only one that seems like I’m getting in the loop in


Dukyana, a Bulgarian brand name, hand-knits the special large headscarf, which describes its large price-tag. The scarf/tube sock/family protector will set you back $280-$ 320, however consider all it provides for you!

Truthfully, I do not wish to avoid my household that terribly. I might validate that if it were possibly half the rate. It truly does look so soft. Initially I believed it was a wool or cashmere mix (which I’m a fan of), however the mohair is exactly what makes it more pricey (more than my Christmas shopping budget plan).

Mohair is a silk-like material or yarn that is made from the hair of an Angora goat. It’s expected to be resistant and resilient, that makes it best for concealing. On the drawback, it has a high radiance and shine, makings it a bit harder to mix into the sofa. Obviously, the “Diamond Fiber” of the material consists of insulating residential or commercial properties, so if you cannot pay your energy expense since you purchased this scar, a minimum of you will not get frostbite.


Jokes aside, I ‘d really buy throughout the holiday if somebody made a more wallet-friendly option. Zara, where are you my dear old good friend?