Elon Musk takes SpaceX and Tesla off Facebook

Sorry, Zuckerberg.
Image: mark brake/getty images

Elon Musk simply erased SpaceX’s and Tesla’s Facebook pages.

At initially we believed the Instagram-obsessed billionaire was joking or, as somebody would state, trolling . Musk got himself included in the #DeleteFacebook motion , in the wake of an information personal privacy concern including Cambridge Analytica , and really followed through.

The entire mess started late Friday early morning when Musk reacted to WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton’s tweet from Tuesday:

A joke? We presumed. Then, here’s where things

got insane. This person tweeted this:

And then Musk responded:

BuzzFeed Press reporter Ryan Mac put on the pressure:

Then press reporter Bryson Masse asked about Tesla:

And Musk consented to erase that a person too:

And, poof! They’re gone. We’re uncertain about the future of the human beings who most likely ran those pages, and we connected for remark from SpaceX and Tesla.

Tesla’s PR agent emailed back,”I ’ ll simply refer you to Elon ’ s tweets today.”

It’s essential to keep in mind that ElonMusk’s Instagram is still up, along with Tesla’s and SpaceX’s . Tip to Musk: Facebook owns Instagram and it’s a bothersome network , too.

Why would Musk wish to erase his business’Facebook pages? Possibly due to the fact that Musk is still mad about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ‘s “restricted understanding “ of expert system.

But let us not forget that Musk’s rocket as soon as exploded with Zuckerberg’s satellite . Musk’s sensations on the scenario:

How does Zuck feel about all this? We connected to Facebook for remark.

UPDATE: March 23, 2018, 2:35 p.m. EDT Elon Musk tweeted that he sees Instagram as”most likely okay”given that it is “relatively independent.” Hey Musk, Instagram is absolutely not .

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