Charlize Theron Gained 50 Pounds For Her Latest Movie Role

Acting is a far more challenging and complex task than a number of us would presume.

That’s since we do not see all the work that goes behind making a movie, consisting of all the hours stars purchase embodying the character they’re depicting.

The finest stars enter into character by practicing technique performing, which includes doing whatever required to put themselves in the character’s shoes. The primary objective is to produce a mentally meaningful and genuine efficiency– something Charlize Theron is extremely acquainted with. The starlet got 50 pounds for her newest movie, “Tully,” in which she plays a mother-of-three who strikes up a relationship with her kids’s baby-sitter.

” I wished to feel what this female felt, and I believe that was a method for me to get closer to her and enter into that state of mind,” she informed Entertainment Tonight, including that she dealt with unforeseen troubles at the same time. “You understand, it was a substantial surprise to me. I got struck in the face quite hard with anxiety. Yeah, for the very first time in my life I was consuming a lot processed foods and I consumed method excessive sugar. I was not that enjoyable to be around on this movie.”

The 42-year-old stated she had 3 months to acquire the weight, and while it was enjoyable at initially, the novelty wore away quite rapidly.

” The very first 3 weeks are constantly enjoyable since you’re much like a kid in a sweet-shop. It was enjoyable to have and go breakfast at In-N-Out and have 2 milkshakes. And after that after 3 weeks, it’s not enjoyable any longer. Like, suddenly you’ re simply done consuming that quantity and after that it ends up being a task. I keep in mind needing to set my alarm in the middle of the night in order to simply preserve [the weight]”

” I would actually awaken at 2 in the early morning and I’d have a cup of cold macaroni and cheese simply beside me. I would get up and I would simply consume it … I would simply, like, push it in my throat. It ’ s hard to preserve that weight.”

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But even more difficult than the gain was losing the additional pounds after shooting concluded. “It took about a half and a year,” she stated. “It was a long journey, long journey.”


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