Bagel Shop Employee Captures Peak Cuteness In Pups That Come By The Drive-Thru

Working the drive-thru isn’t actually any junk food employee’s concept of enjoyable, however for Natasha Jones, it’s a blast. That’s since she has the satisfaction of welcoming charming, furry faces like these every day!

Back in November, Jones began operating at the Einstein Bros. Bagels on Wickham Road in Melbourne, Florida. That’s when she began fulfilling all the charming puppies accompanying their owners through the drive-thru, simply waiting to be talented with scrumptious dog bagels the facility provides for their four-legged clients. Seeing their delighted faces brought her a lot delight at her task that she chose to begin taking images of the little men and share them on Instagram .

” I simply believed they were too adorable not to share,” she informed Bored Panda . And she rewards them handsomely for their valuable mugs, including that “every puppy I see gets a complimentary doggy bagel on me.”

From golden retrievers to corgis and huskies, have a look at a few of the prettiest puppies (and perhaps even other animals) Jones has actually served while working the drive-thru.