Australia Votes Yes For Same-Sex Marriage!

A triumph for love, a success for equality.

On Tuesday, individuals of Australia voted ‘yes’ for marital relationship equality.

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After the landmark choice, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated at a interview :

“We need to appreciate the voice of the individuals. We inquired for their viewpoint and they have actually offered it to us. It is unquestionable, it is frustrating They are our masters, we who were chosen to parliament. It is our task now to obtain on with it, get on with it and get this done. It is reasonable. Individuals have actually voted yes for marital relationship equality. Now it is our task to provide it.”

A tremendous 61.6% of citizens stated yes, while 38.4% voted no.

Turnbull hopes the parliament of Australia will start the modification “this year, prior to Christmas.”

Love wins, y’ all!