A Utah nurse arrested for protecting her patient gets a $500,000 settlement

(CNN)A Utah nurse who was by force apprehended when she chose not to let an officer draw blood from an unconscious client has actually reached a settlement worth half a million dollars.

Alex Wubbels reached a contract with Salt Lake City and the University of Utah following the highly-publicized and videotaped arrest at the univesity health center’s burn system.
” The settlement was for $500,000,” Wubbels’ legal representative, Karra Porter, informed CNN.
      The university and the city will divide the expense of the settlement uniformly, stated city spokesperson Matthew Rojas.
      At a press conference Tuesday, Wubbels stated she’s delighted to put the occurrence behind her.

      ” I am clearly extremely grateful, would be the very best word for it,” she stated. “Again, this landed in my lap. This is not something I looked for. I didn’t look for the last 4 months.”

      The consequences and the video

      In the cops body camera video of the July 26 occurrence , Detective Jeff Payne handcuffed Wubbels and positioned her in a patrol car when she chose not to enable officers to acquire a blood sample from a crash victim at the health center without a warrant. Wubbels yelled for him to stop as he required her from the door and dragged her to a patrol car.
      Minutes later on, she was launched without being charged.
      The video footage of the officer handcuffing and dragging the nurse spread online, restoring the nationwide dispute over extreme usage of force by authorities.
      The officer was fired and his watch leader, Lt. James Tracey, benched for breaching policies.
      ” We are pleased we might concern a resolution with nurse Wubbels,” Rojas, the city spokesperson, stated.
      Hospital policy defines that to acquire a blood sample, cops require a judge’s order or the client’s permission, or the client has to be under arrest. The unconscious client was not a suspect in the wreck that eliminated another motorist.

      What the video revealed

      In the authorities body camera video, Payne revealed duplicated aggravation after the nurse informed him he would not acquire a blood sample.
      Wubbels provided the officers a hard copy of the healthcare facility policy for drawing blood and stated their demand did not satisfy the requirements.
      When she defied the order to draw blood, Payne rapidly strolled over to her. The video reveals Wubbels shouting for him to stop as he required her out the door towards a patrol car.
      ” I’ve not done anything incorrect! I’ve not done anything incorrect! Why is this taking place? This is insane,” she stated as she was led away.
      The unconscious client, later on determined as Bill Gray, passed away September 25 , the Rigby, Idaho, Police Department stated. Gray was a reserve officer for the Rigby authorities. When the mishap happened, he was owning a truck– his full-time task–.