17 Creepy Driving At Night Stories That Will Freak You Out Every Time You Get In Your Car

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17 Creepy Driving At Night Stories That Will Freak You Out Every Time You Get In Your Car

The trap

” I had actually pulled over one night to difficulty at my 2 young kids. A cars and truck brought up next to me and informed me that there had actually been a wreck over the next hill and traffic was stopped. They recommended that I take a side roadway that detours the wreck. I thanked them and they left. I chose not to take that roadway cause I’ m from the nation and didn ’ t wish to get lost. As I drove by the “ detour ” roadway, I examined and saw the couple had actually stopped and had actually left their vehicle. There was absolutely nothing however woods all around. It was simply getting dark which’ s all I might see. The next early morning as I drove by the very same roadway, I saw the DEAD END indication simply past where the couple had actually left their cars and truck. Still offers me chills when I drive past it now and it’ s been 15 years because it took place!”

Black “feline”

” I was when driving house from my ex partner’s home at around 3 am. As I was decreasing the street I saw what appeared like a big black feline. Something the size of a little horse. As I took a look at it, it turned towards me and it had a human face. I went crazy and practically ran the roadway. When I recalled it was gone”

Ghost crash

” My child were driving from Wichita Falls, TX to Oklahoma City on I-44 to capture our aircraft house to PA. It was 4:05 am (I keep in mind since I hesitated we ‘d miss our flight) &&the highway was empty.

We were practically out of Lawton city limitations when we saw an older design automobile, light blue or silver, launch off an embankment, roll 3 or 4 times, end over end. I might really see a human fly through the air.

I pulled over and called 911 &&provided the GPS collaborates of the overpass. Due to the fact that there was an officer less than 2 minutes away, I asked the dispatch if I ought to back down the highway and she informed me not to.

20 minutes later on, I get a call from the authorities, asking precisely where it was. I duplicated the details. The officer stated that he was sitting at that area &&there was absolutely nothing there. Not a skid mark, damaged glass or flattened yard. Absolutely nothing at all.

When I got house, I googled it. This what I discovered:

Exactly 10 years prior, a group of teens were speeding down a rural roadway when they lost control, turned over a guide rail &&rolled down the embankment. All 6 kids were eliminated.

They were driving 1986 Oldsmobile. The time of the mishap 4:05 am.”

Wake up

” Driving house from work one night, tired after working a double shift. I was on the highway, &&dropped off to sleep behind the wheel. I heard a lady’s voice, extremely mild whisper in my ear, “Wake up.” Simply loud sufficient to wake me up, however not shock me awake. Awakened in the nick of time to prevent hitting a lot of roadway building and construction barrels. That resembled 20 years earlier, and I always remembered that voice.”


” Hated driving by a graveyard in the evening en route house, since a male ghost would hop in, and being in the rear seats behind me. He looked strong too. I might see him in the rear view mirror. Never ever informed anybody till my nephew informed me he disliked driving previous that graveyard’, since the ghost of a male would hop in the his vehicle for a trip. He would inform him, “If you ain’t Jesus, get the hell out of my automobile!”.”


” I drive a shipment path during the night in a 30 foot box truck through various towns out about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

The location is naturally weird, 2 lane asphalt cut through the forest for miles up until you get to the next town, constantly foggy as hell. Anyhow, one night I’m driving down 322 west towards chesterland, OH when I see this substantial figure flying right at me in the moonlight. It was HUGE.

I understood I will strike it windscreen level and ducked down listed below the dash and right as I did it I hear a loud thud at the front of package right above the taxi of the Freightliner I’m driving. I struck the brakes and pull up and believe for a couple of seconds prior to I march about if I must in fact go out however I do it anyhow due to the fact that I needed to see what it was.

So, I go out and walk to the back of the truck and I see it laying at the side of the roadway about 50 lawns away. I swear, the important things was male sized however I figured perhaps it was a big hawk or perhaps even an eagle that I had actually eliminated. I begin strolling up to it believing it had to be dead. Nope, suddenly the important things rolls over, stands on 2 legs, flies and leaps off.

It took a hit at most likely 45 miles per hour directly to an aluminum box and it lived. When it stood, I swear it was guy formed and a minimum of 5 8, certainly no bird. I do not understand what it was. When it flew off I got terrified and ran back to the truck and continued the 4-5 miles into chesterland, #peeee

. I stop at the filling station and go out, search for at the front of package and there are wing prints 6 feet throughout in the dirt/grime and not like feathery bird formed bat formed. The closet thing I can come up with is it looked like the beast from Jeepers climbers or possibly the mothman if I might explain the appearances of it. I’m not making any of this up, it still freaks me out whenever I decrease that roadway. Real story.”

Ghost male

” Coming house from a graveyard shift, driving down a back roadway I ‘d taken a trip (actually) countless times. On one side of the roadway, there is a 6 foot drop on to train tracks; the opposite runs vertically up a hillside approx 25 miles no guard rails. In my headlights, I saw a boy worn a white t-shirt and dark trousers unexpectedly dart out into the roadway from the hill side, drop in the middle of the roadway to take a look at my truck and after that sprint to the opposite and down over the embankment. I knocked on my breaks, went out with the flashlight from under my seat and went to the track side believing he HAD to be injured. Absolutely nothing. Definitely peaceful other than the noise of my truck engine. I got house (which took all of about 5 minutes in my mind, given that I was shaking so tough) and stated something to my Dad. He smiled from ear-to-ear and informed me it was most likely “so and so” who was eliminated on that roadway when my Dad remained in high school. “White Jeans and tee shirts was what he was using. Whoever struck him dumped his body on the tracks and left. Constable discovered him the next early morning. As soon as in a while to individuals driving that roadway alone late at night, he does that every. Terrified the crap outta you, didn’t he?” I nodded and giggled.”

Spook roadway

” As a teen I was consumed with “alarm roadway” where a cars and truck filled with kids passed away and crashed, they still had the dash of the vehicle still at the website. The roadways relatively long, and we were driving at night about 30 miles per hour, some how we took a 15 minutes drive and can listening to a whole album. It was unusual as though time didn’t move. Still baffled at 32 years of ages.”

The individuals in the woods

” I was driving extremely decrease an apparently haunted roadway where your expected turn your lights on and off under the bridge and you might see the lady hanging that hung herself there, when I went to do this a lot of random individuals came out of the woods and began banging on my cars and truck.”

Get back in your vehicle and go

” A couple of years ago I was leaving my BFs home late in the evening. I needed to stop to get gas prior to the drive house so I pulled into the very first open gasoline station I saw. I began strolling into the shop when out of no place a guy adds on me and shouts return in your vehicle and go!! Something in his worried expression informed me he wasn’t playing around and I got the hell out of there quick!! The next day we learnt the filling station was robbed and the attendant was terribly hurt!! I needed to call the PD to inform them about the person and to this day I do not understand if he was a do-gooder or the burglar!”


” I was driving house from work about 2 am, it was a lovely night so I chose to take a path house that was more in the nation rather of through town. I needed to cross an old bridge that had actually existed most likely 80-100 years. There’s no homes or lights other than my head lights. Simply as my front tires struck the bridge a red fog rolls in throughout it. The hair stood on the back of my neck and I made clear that bridge as quick as possible. After I made clear I searched in my mirror and the fog is gone however it appeared like somebody was standing in the middle of the bridge. I discussed it to my moms and dads the next early morning and my daddy stated he ‘d constantly heard stories about that bridge and allegedly a girl hung herself from it.”


” Used to deal with Sanibel Island in FL.

I was driving throughout the causeway on my method house from work around midnight.

Went to speed up since I was over the bridges and a substantial, dog-like animal strolled in front of my vehicle. It looked rough. It was as high as the hood of my automobile. Actually furry with fang like teeth hanging out the sides of it’s mouth. It took a look at me like I remained in the method then kinda roamed off towards the beach. Terrified the hell out of me!”


” My mother and I had a light following us for 20 miles. Not a helicopter or airplane. It would move side to side and after that front to back. The radio headed out and after that it was gone.”

The guy in the middle of no place

” Had to pee truly bad, about midnight, pulled onto a dirt roadway out in BFE, turned headlights off did my company returned in cars and truck switched on headlights and saw a guy about 20 feet in front of the automobile strolling towards me kinda shook me up a bit, supported and got the heck outta there.”

Struck by lightning

” I was driving house from operate in a torrential rainstorm. Simply 5 miles from house and I felt a tingling feeling on the back of my neck and the hair on my running start to increase.

Realizing fixed charging, I braced myself for the inescapable. Lightning struck my cars and truck, with an extreme blinding light and triggering an immediate ringing in my ears.

The dim lights on my dash shone brighter than a spotlight due to the unexpected electrical rise, the radio shorted out, and out burnt out the actuators in the rear windows triggering the windows to pull back into the doors.

By the time I got house and pulled into the garage there was 3 inches of standing water in my rear seats. Cars and truck ran great after. Tires did a fantastic task grounding it.”


” A truck on a dark roadway without any lights following me. I had actually simply left work 3 a.m. In the early morning. I was the only vehicle on the roadway. All I might think about was the film Jeepers Creepers.”

The individuals at the cemetery

” I reside in a town in south Texas, when I was 19, a sweetheart of mine, myself and 2 other good friends were driving down an old backroad towards a cemetery that hadn’ t been utilized given that the 1800s. It had to do with 3 am and we brought up into the cemetery just to see off in the range 4 white hooded figures circling around a tomb in the range, we didn’ t stay enough time to examine. We reversed and left genuine fast.”

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