11 Amazing Fans Who Belong In The Pop Culture Hall Of Fame

Fandom: it seems like it’s gotten tough recently. ‘ Ready Player One’ started its life as a successful book by Ernest Cline. In their” A” -graded review in 2011, The AV Club stated” for readers in line with Cline’s fixations, this is a surefire enjoyment.” By 2018, when’ RPO’ got a Steven Spielberg movie adjustment

  • , that exact same evaluation website offered the film a” B” grade with a side of savage criticism:” Like Ernest Cline’s dissentious geek-courting book, the movie does not provide much of a story or characters, rather spreading out an unlimited buffet of pop-culture recommendations, lovely the fixations and encyclopedic recall of its target audience.” Does that make any sense?
  • Was aggressive fandom much better a couple of years back? Or has the dark side of actually liking a thing turned too dark, frequently?

    On today’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is signed up with by comics Caitlin

  • Gill and Riley Silverman for a series of stories about how to be the outright finest popular culture fan you can be. They’ll concentrate on tales of fans getting in touch with developers, altering the shape of their preferred art, and putting themselves into it. They’ll likewise mull the dark side of extreme fandom. And with whatever from’ Doctor Who’
  • to’ Spider-Man’ ready to premiere brand-new installations, they’ll indicate how you can be someone who makes the world of fandom better.


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